What is Link Building?

What is link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring and creating high-quality backlinks to a website to increase online visibility. When a website has a higher number of backlinks from other sites, it will have a higher online ranking when it comes to search results. To keep up with the growing numbers of websites and competition, building backlinks is important for any website to help gain credibility. Since Google and other search engines use backlinks to rank websites, it’s important to focus on link building strategies to continue to increase direct organic traffic to your website. More traffic = more revenue and sales!

Why do you need backlinks?

Backlinks are the most important feature that Google scans to determine your website’s rankability which results in directing traffic to it. When an outside website backlinks to your page, it demonstrates that it is a qualified and trusted site. These backlinks are also considered to be votes of credibility to your website, which will also drive traffic. When combining high quality sources and backlinks, results are proven to be even more valuable. 

The number of links, or backlink volume, shows the popularity of a page which results in higher site metrics and SEO scores. Search engines like Google, give more credit to pages with more referred links. Link source quality matters as well when building a backlink strategy. More trafficked websites are considered to be more relevant than others, and can strengthen referred backlinks that pass to a target site. Link equity, or “link juice”, describes and measures how much reputation or authority a backlink passes onto another site.

Link Building methods

Guest Posting

One of the most popular strategies for link building is to guest post. Guest posting involves writing original and interesting articles for websites that includes a backlink to your website. This strategy is beneficial for both the guest blogger and original site! The publishing website receives new content for their target consumers and the author receives referral traffic to their page as well as increased online visibility. To find success with guest posting, one should aim to  target specific websites- pages that have significant social platforms and influence, and similar ideal consumers. 

Niche Edits

Niche edits are a popular and easy way to leverage content that has already been written! Also known as contextual links, niche edits place hyperlinks in previously published articles so no new articles need to be written. Niche edits can be very influential strategies for backlinking, because they can leverage highly trafficked articles. If the article already contains pre-existing internal and external links, then it is even more advantageous. Utilizing niche edits is an indispensable strategy for affiliate marketing and continues to increase in popularity due to its success in link building.

Skyscraper Technique

Another link building strategy becoming more popular in the digital marketing world is called the skyscraper technique. Implementing this technique comes in 3 steps: 

  1. Analyze a popular article that has lots of backlinks
  2. Create a better piece of content of the same topic and publish it on your website
  3. Ask those linking to the original article to link to your superior piece of content instead

The Skyscraper Technique is a legitimate building tactic that works when done appropriately.

Editorial Outreach and Digital PR

It is pretty common ground for entrepreneurs to ask editors of popular online publications to link to their website for a financial fee. Journalists typically require a quote or input from industry leaders to produce a good piece of content that can lead to a significant benefit for their contribution. To acquire quality backlinks in editorial pieces, one must send out numerous contact requests to journalists and editors to gain interest in a write-up. An effective way to connect with journalists is via Help A Reporter Out (HARO) as it works as a message board to connect journalists that need a bit of help to brands that are willing to do so. Another great software to utilize for PR is Cision Software that has built a collective database of PR contacts and emails that can be searched for by niche industry and topic. 


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