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At Hubac we pride ourselves as a Shopify partner being an active member of the Shopify partnering program. We have helped many businesses set up, customize, and fully integrate with optimized content through Shopify.

Shopify Services

What is shopify?

Shopify Explained

Shopify is one of the most chosen Ecommerce platforms online, and very successful in its doing. It is uniquely designed to help people easily build their stores online which can scale up when the business grows. It has hundreds of build-in features, and many apps. You can choose to sell directly from your own store, and through different platforms like social media and marketplaces.

Shopify is extremely poplar due to its ease in set up, and user friendliness. It is a complete Ecommerce platform that can help any entrepreneur set up their online business without any technical knowledge. And then sell their products across multiple channels.
Shopify e-commerce
Features of Shopify

Features of Shopify as a platform

Shopify Features

Everything you need to implement, build, and grow your online business can be found in Shopify. The day-to-day management of your online store will become a walk in the park, you do not need to be a wiz kid. It offers beautiful, elegant themes, all which can be customized according to your branding.

Cloud SAAS

Cloud based SaaS eCommerce platform

Shopify is a Cloud bases SaaS eCommerce platform; this means that the hosting of your website is kept in the cloud. For a monthly fee you will receive access to your panel where you can overview everything that you need for your online store. Your products, orders, marketing tools, payment providers and more.
SAAS Ecommerce platforms
Features of Shopify

Why is shopify popular?

Shopify overview

To build an Ecommerce store you will need a content management system (CMS) to help scale up your business. Shopify is a great provider helping you grow your online store. The easiness in how to use Shopify is one of the reasons that it is extremely popular.

Shopify Certified Partner

A Shopify Partner

As a Shopify Partner Hubac has helped hundreds of businesses update their Shopify SEO. No matter what niche you operate in, at Hubac we have the tools and experience to deliver measurable results to prove that it works.

Shopify Seo services

Optimize your Shopify Store for Search Engines.

Complete page optimization

When implementing the right SEO tactics for your Shopify store, your store will attract the customer looking to buy your products. Ecommerce is a booming business with Ecommerce SEO being one of the biggest demands. Hubac is one of the top agencies when it comes to SEO, and we provide award winning SEO services for Ecommerce websites. At Hubac we have the experience and knowledge, but most of all, the passion and dedication to help you scale up your Ecommerce website.

E-Commerce At Hubac

E-Commerce SEO at Hubac

If you contact us today, we will start with a full review of your Shopify store. If you chose to work with us, we will optimize your store, by addressing title, headers, URLs, and more meta data ensuring that the right keywords are used. This will help customers find your store through the search engines.

Once they have found you it is important to have internal linking between the different pages on your website. This will ensure that they can find what they are looking for, and that the bounce rate remains low.

When working with Hubac our SEO experts will work together with you to create a captivating internal linking strategy that attracts both search engine and customer.

seo services
Shopify Seo services

Looking for SEO for your Shopify Online Store?

SEO for Shopify

The end goal is to increase the revenue of your store. That is done through traffic which will convert into sales and can only be done through search engine optimization. It can look easy to build a drag and drop store on Shopify, but the SEO part must not be overlooked. Creating brand authority and online presence is what will create a successful online store.

Boosting your Store

Shopify & E-Commerce SEO Services

At Hubac we can optimize your Shopify store pages, ensuring that your online ranking will boost in search engines. The higher the visibility in websites as Google and Bing, the more traffic your store will attract. Having an optimized store will ensure that traffic will be converted into sales, increasing revenue.

On an overall SEO is the same for all platforms but Shopify has a few unique features, such as the option for a blog, and the ability to redirect. If not done properly however issues as duplicate content can arise. Therefore, we advise you to hire a professional SEO specialist who breaths SEO. An SEO specialist knows where to look and can remove a lot of errors that so many stores contain, like duplicate URLs, broken links, missing data, and they can add structure.  The specialist can create the content with the right keywords, determine how to showcase different product pages, optimize images, ensure fast loading time, and so on.

search engines optimization services for Shopify
keywords traffic Shopify

We will optimize your store for certain keywords

Keyword Driven Traffic

Keywords, we cannot emphasize the importance of keywords enough. Having the right keywords, and the right density will make the difference for your store to be successful or not. Our SEO experts will help you target the right keywords for your niche and help provide you a powerful online presence.

Creating Backlinks for your Store

Link Building

A very important aspect in any SEO strategy is link building. Having high valuable domain websites link to your Shopify store can create an enormous boost to your traffic. We can work with you to have a high-quality link building strategy creating strong long-term results and will increase your ROI.
building backlinks

Stronger Web Conversions

Driving Conversions Driven Traffic

We drive conversion through the art of high-quality content. Never underestimate the power of words.
Our dedicated copywriting team will use your brands image to create content that addresses the right customer and gives the solution for their problem.
SEO results have to be monitored and analyzed in real time. We use tools as Google analytics to identify potential opportunities, and things that need to be improved. We can set up your Google Analytics account and help you define your business specific SEO goals.

Shopify keeps being one of the most popular Ecommerce into 2021 where it has overtaken many other platforms. The easy of use, and incredible marketing options are extremely powerful. However, as it is very easy to set up, problems can arise when not knowing exactly how to implement. Duplicate content and slower loading pages can be an issue on Shopify, but easily avoided through a SEO specialist. Being top in our field we advise you the following to increase your Google ranking.

On Page SEO for Shopify

Get the onsite basics right

Search Engine Optimization should be a big part in your day-to-day strategy growing your online business. Implementing the right strategy is crucial for success.

When starting SEO on your online store begin by optimizing all your titles, all your page titles, all your headings and all your URLs. Use the right keywords and make sure that you have unique product descriptions. Never copy content from another website, this will lower your ranking very quickly.

Make sure that you do not have any duplicate URLs for any of your pages. Look at your tags, increase the text around your products and categories. Create a blog page and add refreshing informative content with great imagery. Use long tail keywords in your blog and update it frequently.

Ensure that your image sizes are not to large, this will decrease the loading time on your website, especially for product images. Create social media accounts and link them to the products on your store.
shopify Ecommerce SEO services
core vitals Seo Ecommerce

Keeping up with Google SEO

Google Core Vitals
& E-Commerce in 2021

Google Core Vitals will start in 2021, which means that amongst other things Google will look at the loading time of your imagery. It will also look how mobile friendly your store is. As more and more people browse through phones, this is extremely important.

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