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Search Engine Optimization Services in Egypt By SCP


Many companies goal that their website ranks in search engine results. The only way to getting traffic and visitors is Search Engine optimization. To ensure it happens. With SCP we provide solid seo services to hundreds of satisfied clients. We create custom made consistent SEO strategies that will help your company grow more presence online. 


SCP can guarantee success for your online business as a top SEO company in Egypt. Our goal is having your customers find your business online. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt we provide full 360-degree internet marketing including SEO Services in Egypt and beyond. 

Not only we are an eMarketing Egypt, but also web development services provider besides being a seo agency in Egypt.


A Digital Marketing Firm

leading Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt

Any digital marketing campaign starts with extensive digital strategy. Through  optimization your website will be set for long term growth online. At SCP we only think long term, as this will ensure organic leads and sales through a thorough internet marketing plan. Any digital business will know the importance of SEO optimization for the success of a digital marketing campaign as it will help your website appear higher in ranking and your customers will be able to find you.

At SEO Company Pros we have a team of experts ready to help you optimize your website and content, making it qualitative for search engines. We use strategic implemented campaigns ensuring that your website will outrank your competitors. If you have an online business in Egypt that needs to grow, contact us today to optimize your SEO.

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Need Help with lead generation?

Lead Generation Services for B2B marketing

Building a website is easy but gaining quality organic traffic is much harder. Leading traffic to your website is called lead generation, for which multiple recourses are available, paid, and free. A business can chose to utilize loyalty programs, or platforms to build email lists which can be used for lead generation campaigns.

One can utilize paid advertisement for email campaigns. One of the most popular ways is through Facebook campaigns, creating paid adds for potential customers to leave their email addresses. In Egypt, any strong digital marketing campaign will consist of B2B marketing as it is essential. There are many B2B business in Egypt all looking to grow their online presence and ROI. Hubac consists of a team of lead generation experts who can help your business with custom made marketing strategies and help your online business in Egypt grow.

Paid Advertising Services

PPC Services (Pay Per Click)

As mentioned, the implementation of paid adds is a part of any digital marketing campaign, be it through Facebook, Google Adds, or any of the other different social platforms. One thing that is crucial when implementing is the understanding of your cost vs the results of the campaign. By understanding the PPC (Pay per Click) one can analyze the data and adjust where necessary creating a successful campaign. Egypt is as competitive as any other GCC country, which means that any online business in Egypt will have to utilize Google Adds in competition with other businesses in the GCC. Hubac can help you set this up very quickly within a few hours, having your businesses adds running all over Egypt before the end of the day.


Ecommerce Services

SCP Ecommerce Services in Egypt serving Egypt

An Ecommerce business needs more digital marketing as all revenue will come directly through online business. SCP has over a decade experience helping Ecommerce businesses maximize their online revenue. As a top agency in the field, we work specifically only towards the success for your company. We do not believe in short cuts or short-term thinking and offer proven solutions anywhere between the design, development, and marketing of your website to the integration of any third-party systems and complete performance control for businesses located in Egypt and beyond.

Setting up an Ecommerce website with the right payment systems and platforms does need a little technical expertise. How to set up a user-friendly website which is completely marketing driven and attracts more conversions is something that we at Hubac are highly skilled at. We can create your Ecommerce store with more advanced features like search options, special menu’s, logins for social platforms and much more. We find it extremely important that your business builds brand awareness with a long-term vision. SCP is a top digital marketing agency that can guide you through the process as a consultant or help you through the development.


Specialized in different Ecommerce stores

SCP is helping many customers across Egypt, Dubai, and United Arab Emirates, across the whole of the GCC region. This means that we are capable to provide our services in which ever language you prefer, including RTL languages and the traditional LRT languages.

Lead Generation Services

Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Egypt

Ecommerce conversions services in Egypt

Any online business, and especially an Ecommerce business needs the conversions of traffic to sales, without this, your business will not manage. Conversion is one of the most important words in any digital marketing campaign, as conversions will show you the performance of your Ecommerce business, it will increase your domain authority which will give you a much higher ROI. Having a high domain authority rating is extremely important as it shows customers that your business is a trusted one.
Implementing Ecommerce marketing strategies can be different for every campaign.
Think off:


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When a new website starts to attract traffic exciting times lie ahead, because then the real work starts. How to convert the traffic into customers? This is where the art of SEO and digital marketing lies, within the processes of CRO. By optimizing your website, you can convert more traffic into sales, have your visitor engage more with your business, and become a customer.
CRO is a process which consists of small incremental changes, all working together to create more sales through your website. Small changes can have a huge outcome, all set up for long term success. We know how to create funnels where we guide your traffic into the process and showing them why they should buy from you. At the outset we will always start by increasing your traffic, get more information concerning your visitors and then using this to convert into sales.
CRO is extremely important in a digital marketing campaign. It is the glue that makes the campaign stick together, it is that which creates efficient and quality traffic to your website. We keep analyzing all the data that comes forth through the process, to make any changes needed in real time.
conversion rate optimization
digital marketing training

Digital Marketing & SEO Training Provider

Digital Marketing Training in Egypt

Working with a great team with many years of field work we decided along the way to use our knowledge and experience and teach others the craft of digital marketing. Having decades of proven results, and passionate about their craft, SCP trainers are always up to date with the latest trends and know what does and does not work. They use real life projects as examples and guarantee that they can teach you how to become a successful digital marketing expert. We also offer corporate digital marketing courses from companies looking to improve their marketing departments performance.

All our Courses can be followed in Egypt and throughout the United Arab Emirates. We also have SEO training courses which we provide to businesses operating throughout the whole GCC area. We have capable and skilled trainers from the west who can travel to your location.

Egypt SEO Training

SEO Training Courses Egypt

Having a website is easy but having a website that ranks in the search engine is a whole different story. To rank (high) in the search engine, your website needs to be optimized according to SEO standards. This basically just means that whenever a search for your product or service has been placed in Google, your website should appear higher than your competitors. Because we know the factors that the search engine looks at according to their algorithm, we know what to optimize to rank high.
We can teach you the art of keyword research and SEO content planning ensuring that any website you work with will gain organic traffic.
This course is for anyone interested to build a website, anyone who owns a website, and anyone who develops websites for clients, and wants to be more successful. All with the wish to grow it organically.
seo services
digital marketing training

Digital Transformation Courses

Digital Transformation Training Course

Implementing digital technology is called Digital transformation, and basically changes your whole business model. Everything from how you communicate with your clients, up to how you offer value changes through digital transformation. As more and more business change their business model, Hubac has guided many to convert from traditional to digital. In addition, we can teach you how to monitor and analyze with automated adjustments.

This course has been developed with the intention to teach you in depth about digital transformation; how to create, plan and execute an implementation strategy to become fully digital. You can use this for your own business or learn how to become the best consultant as we will guide you through the pitfalls that often arise in the process.

Looking for WordPress Services in Egypt?

WordPress Services

WordPress still is a very popular choice amongst businesses and developers. Its ease and the vast choice of different features is what makes WordPress extremely popular. Over a decade ago SCP started to use WordPress and we never stopped, making us now extremely experienced to build responsive, high quality websites through WordPress. Many of our clients across the middle east [Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai] have launched successful websites through us with WordPress as the base.

What can Hubac do for you?

We design and develop websites using Elementor, DIVI or WP bakery as these are simple to use and will give you complete freedom to easily adjust your website where you need to.



Content Management System

SCP WordPress Content Management System Services

Consult and advise

The implementation of the right CMS platform must be guided by a team of experts. Hubac will give you in depth advice to solve any arising issues and guide you throughout the whole process.

Custom Design

Your website has one chance to give an impression when a new visitor arrives, how it looks is crucial as it is the business card of your business. Hubac can help you with the right design and brand awareness.

Custom development

A website needs to be responsive and operate without any issues. Loading speed, security and being without any errors [page not found] is extremely important. Hubac will help you to have a high-quality website which is always reliable, and thus, trustworthy.


When your design is of high quality and the website performs 100%, the next step is security. Especially when selling through a website, it must be completely safe without any errors in the code.

Content migration

ClixPlus can handle any database and migrate the data into WordPress.

Support & care

As a business owner your nr 1 task should be the day-to-day operations, and not thinking about the technicalities of the website When you are strategizing your business and handling stakeholders and customers, let us take care of backups, security scans and updates.

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