AI Tools for Business: Online AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Business in 2023

AI Tools

We are seeing a huge change in the direction technology is taking and staying up to date with what is happening is increasingly important.

Some are calling these days a 4th industrial revolution, it certainly resembles old ones.

Everybody in the world of Tech is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It is an exciting new technological era.

How many tasks AI can take over is a hot discussion.  It will surely improve efficiency and automate regular time taking tasks.

Is AI good for your Business?

It has the potential to transform customer service marketing as well as human resources.  It will surely be a huge improvement on the endless phone answering menus that take you round in circles and then nowhere.

Obviously AI tools will be looking to increase your revenue.  In the sales arenas they target the always important area of lead generation and creation of prospect lists.

Financial planners want it to be able to provide them with insight into market trends.

Customer behaviour reporting is something every business wants to improve so transitioning and transforming this will be on top of the lists.

Preventing human error is something technology has been working on forever.   In this AI world the possibilities of preventing or safeguarding from this will be beyond anything we have previously seen. AI will take predicting errors and recommendations for change to a new level.   Some of the more mundane administrative tasks like data entry will also become easier. 

Management  will find AI a more effective tool to get current and accurate data in every area.   Whether they are assessing customers or market trends or perhaps competitors AI can provide insights much faster than the systems they are using now.   They will be able to streamline all of their data and processes which in turn will make them more confident of the decision they make.

The costs of implementing AI will need to be weighed against the savings AI will offer a business.  Cost cutting is always high on agendas and automated systems will ease this.  

Time will tell if AI effectively save costs.

Tools available for your business.

We have created a quick list of the tools that will  help boost your sales and conversion rates

Optimove is able to collect information from a number of platforms and it is also AI-Powered.   Optimove organises data so that a business can make quick decisions or access information quickly.  It is also a great tool for strategising.

Freddy AI learns from the Customer relationship management (CRM) data given and uses it to produce insights and suggestions.  It informs present and future decision making.

Wingman is software that can transcribe your video and audio calls.  It uses AI to do this.

This is a great tool because it enables better note taking at meetings and it can mark important moments in a meeting.  It can also produce summary reports.

Seamless AI.   This is essentially sales intelligence software and a valuable tool as it enables use to search and organise significant lists of contacts. Sales teams are saved from having to create manual lists and can easily create prospect lists.

Recotap is an Indian based marketing platform works that helps B2B Marketers run Targeted and Personalised campaigns that make it easier for teams to understand customer habits and behaviours and even forecast potential opportunities.  Their website says this about them:

We operate at the Intersection of Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence with deep underpinning to Personalisation to bring together a Systems-of-Intelligence Software platform, purpose-built for Marketers

Hubspot CRM is  customer relationship management software that has is used widely by sales and marketing teams. It is effective in streaming communication and data and is AI-Powered and Cloud-based.

Companies can use this software to track contacts, sales and tasks.   With all this information at their fingertips sales will be more efficient and more successful.   Customers also stand to win with faster and easier purchasing.  

Hubspot products integrate seamlessly and simple boring everyday tasks will be a thing of the past with AI taking them over.   Probably one of the most useful tools will be access to real-time reports.  That is a game  changer.  No waiting or juggling – instant reporting available when needed.   Their website says, “We turn your website into e‑commerce from an Ad Platform perspective”   Tomis is a marketing tool that helps analyse and predict the value of each website visitor.  It optimises digital ads and determines customer behaviours, importance and potential value.

Human AI anticipates the behaviour behaviour of prospects, an invaluable took for sales departments.

Clearbit  offers “precisely targeted and tailored campaigns” that help you get the most from you advertising spending. They promise to “create personalise buying experiences in real time” and maximise the potential of traffic to your site.

 Pitchlane uses AI to create videos that include tracking engagement stats.  Using this  you could record a video and streamlessly distribute it via email or to your social media platforms.

Well-Principled uses business research and Ai to optimise promotional calendars, advertising spending and as well as understanding the behaviour of customers.

Windsor is a another tool that  automated marketing tool that brings together and integrates your customer relationship Management data, analytics as well as your marketing data.   It also exports reports to spreadsheets.  

Optimising Customer Support with AI

Customer services is transformed with AI. It is able to mimic human responses to provide answers and help based on the behavioural and similarly related data entered.   This means you can deal with a greater number of enquiries simultaneously.

Here is a brief overview of AI-powered tools created to facilitate customer support.

Zendesk Support is a platform geared towards improving customer experience.  It offers them a few options including live chat, email, phone support and ticketing plus, importantly a knowledge base.

Zendesk is fully invested in the area of machine learning and AI.  They believe these technologies are the way of the future for customer service in particular. 

Essentially they believe AI will increase the satisfaction of customers, increase company productivity, make integration simpler and easier.  They rely on the chatbot style of automated responses.

Verloop is geared towards sales and marketing..   It uses automated conversations to increase lead generation opportunities and consequently, hopefully, conversions.  Customer support is also a key.

Tracking orders 24 hours a day is just one of the services and the bot managing handling services makes room for an increase in sealed deals.  

Chatfuel uses an intelligent bots to to support businesses on the Facebook social media platform.  The bot can automate messages making it easier to communicate with prospective customers 24 hours a day.   Leads can be streamlessly connected to real, live sales agents.  

‍Chatbot creates bots that function in a wide variety of ways to automate important activities and improve customer interactions.  It is incredibly responsive and is designed to engage customers in ‘chat,’  A business can highlight what they do and their range of products and services.  Chatbot allows a wide range of responses, text, short replies images and buttons are just some of those.

DigitalGenius uses both AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to perform a range of customer interactions by SMS or calls.  

When an enquiry is received it will automatically assess it and find the right answer.  Artificial Intelligence end Predictive Automation work together to improve customer service.

Drift has a wide range of functions that are designed to assist marketing and sales teams with cloud based live chat and the management of in-app and emails.  

Essentially it has customised live chat widgets for following up on email enquiries/messages and abandoned messages. Also for abandoned chats and discussions. 

Kare works with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, particularly with the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM)   It utilises AI technology to assist customers searching for specific knowledge.   It streamlines interactions between companies and customers.

ManyChat is a conversational AI tool specifically focussed on E-commerce companies.   It automates posts on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.   It can be used to offer coupons or promotional offers, booking confirmations and general information via text or email.

Marketing and AI

Tailored campaigns and AI go hand in hand.   It is a no brainer that marketing teams benefit greatly from breakthroughs in AI.  Here are some of popular AI tools focussed on this industry.

AWeber, (AI-based Email Marketing Tool for Business) focuses on providing email solutions with a view to increase both sales and customers.   Newsletters, campaigns and other types of group mail can be created and sent. It has some extremely useful tools too, for instance a drag drop email builder, reporting tools and a whole bunch of templates.   It is easy to use.  It easily manages subscribers. You can both personalise emails and track your campaigns.

Hootsuite is another management tool for social media platforms that provides a wide range of tools to help you manage activity across all accounts.  I can monitor engagement and success and it allows you to work together with your team on for campaigns that cross a few channels. It is able to advise on when content should be published and it constantly analyses account activity data,

You can schedule post publishing and monitor responses and conversations.  It alerts you to trends and provides a report on your performance.

Factors  helps companies improve their service, particularly online shopping.  It evaluates performance and website to person engagement.  It also evaluates profits made, giving insight into activities that work best to increase revenue.   It is simple to use and all together an Incredibly efficient AI powered analytics tool.

Listnr is the tool to use if you are looking to create a lot of video or audio content.   It targets people wanting to join the world of podcasts but have no idea where to start.   It can convert your content  and then publish it as a podcast on on your website in no time at all.   It uses natural sounding AI voices that are fully adjustable, speak many languages and can also make sounds.

BrandMentions searches the web for specific terms and names.   You can request regular reports of these.  The technical terminology for BrandMentions is an AI-powered online monitoring tool and it helps businesses keep track of conversations that relate to their products and brand.

Seventh Sense uses AI to improve the performance of marketing campaigns.  It is for E-commerce sites particularly, analysing data to create emails and reports.

Connectly, based on the idea that “businesses need to adopt a message-first mindset to succeed,” they help companies to create automated and interactive marketing campaigns for WhatsApp. 

The idea behind this is generating two-way discussion which doesn’t happen through emails or text messages. a platform that sends emails that are able to be customised to subscribers. 

Spate helps identify consumer trends.  With a focus on beauty and wellness industries,  examines search signals looking for answers for specified questions.

Howler AI assists public relations sectors searching out journalists and creating pitches.   It can also automate prospect lists.

Pattern89  specialises in optimising campaigns that can utilise an array of images and emojis.   It looks at the creativity of a campaign and works out what it can add to it in order to maximise a return on investment (ROI).  It has the potential to revitalise brands that work with Google or Facebook or instagram.

Mention monitors social media and helps users to track conversations and brand mentions and protect their reputation.  They make it possible to engage in conversations from a given social media platform and also proved users analytical data about activities.  

They offer real time alerts, tracking of competitors and the ability to reply quickly to feedback.  

Best AI Tools To Track Analytics

We have put together a list of AI-Powered tools that provide valuable analytical information  for businesses.

Google Analytics offers a free analytic service provided by the Google search engine itself.  It tracks and reports on the traffic that a website receives and is probably the most famous online service. Google also uses AI tools to understand different patterns in web data so that they can understand how people visiting their website behave.  It can also track conversion rates.

Hotjar analyses behaviour and user interaction.   It can help you understands any problems they experience whilst navigating your site.  

Tableau helps businesses forecast and develop strategies.

Productivity and AI tools

Longshot AI is a writing tool.   It helps businesses create quality content for their web presence.   It eliminates writers block and is faster than a manual researcher/writer.  It can also create niche content and engage with your team in real time.

Motion is a calendar tool.   It can priorities your deadline, appointments, hours and task and also responds to the duration of these.

Zapier integrates a number of web applications and can create automated task, for example, adding newly generated leads to your Customer Relationship Management system. Automating your workflow is made simpler with Zapier as it reduces normal data entry, automates tasks and manages workflows.

TimeHero helps you spend more of your time on priority tasks by automatically scheduling activity.

Grammarly analyses text and evaluates content.  It can report on spelling and grammar errors etc and checks for plagiarism. 

Zoho Zia is a digital assistant that can not only understands language but can generate questions and answers given.    It is able to schedule meetings send emails and manage files.   It is great for time saving and simplifying communication.   Team members are also able to collaborate quickly and efficiently and access reports on demand.

Kris cancels out background noise and is especially useful at conferences and for call centres.  

Timely produces timesheets. It  reports on time management, performance and also automates project management.

Sembly takes minutes. It can convert full conversations into text and also evaluate the information to provide elements of the meeting requiring action. 

Synth tracks anything  you listen to and can create real time transcripts

Tahora connects people through their interests and hobbies.  It is a community making tool.

WordTune is a writing tool. It can re-write anything you say in real time and turn your thoughts into an engaging written piece

Legal Robot handles complicated legal documents for all types of business.  It has the ability to process language and generate legal models from resource libraries and cases.   It can also improve the readability of contracts.

SmartTask is contact management software. It is cloud based and it combines all of your business tasks.  Contact management, texting, sharing documents, analytics are just some of the features available.

Pickle is a transcribing tool for phone and video calls.

Dashworks organises, understand and enhances your knowledge of the company or corporation you work for.   It allows you to alter company policy and access a wealth of information that will improve your performance. 

Clayboard helps event managers and trainers to create more powerful events.  It also helps with time management and boosts attendance or participation. Agendas and procedures, presentations with prompts are just some of the important tools offered.

Xero is an accounting platform that links users to their bank, useful tools, accountants and payment information.  Also a number of related 3rd party applications. It makes all of your information readily accessible and protected.

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