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We offer Digital Marketing Courses online and in-person. Our courses include beginner to advanced Digital Marketing as well as SEO Courses. We offer our training courses in Arabic and English.


Advanced SEO courses in Dubai

The market in Dubai is saturated with an abundance of businesses offering similar products or services. This intense competition creates a struggle for many companies in Dubai and throughout the UAE. One solution to stand out from the competition is to invest in SEO and digital marketing courses. SCP offers such courses, which can help business owners and website managers to better understand and utilize SEO. With a grasp of SEO, a website can achieve better visibility, attract more organic traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately improve profitability. SEO is a valuable tool that can make a significant difference in a business’s success.

Search Engine Optimization Training

Our SEO Courses

Our SEO Courses are offered online using Zoom or Google Meet. Our Face to Face AKA in Person SEO Training is offered to companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East.

On-Page SEO

Learn On Page SEO and how to optimize your every page so that google can understand your content and structure

local seo

This SEO Course will teach you how to build authority by linking your website to other websites

arabic seo
Local SEO

Learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile and Google Maps Near Me. NAP & local directories and more

Something for Everyone

Who is this course for?

Our courses are offered to everyone including individuals and organizations. No course pre-requisites are needed for individuals.

Sales & Marketing Departments

The SEO Course will help your sales and marketing department close more sales. Learning to optimize websites, social media and Google My Business.

Career Seekers

Many new graduates & freshers seek to enter the Job market. This SEO training course will help them land a job. The Search Engine Optimization course is also offered to folks switching careers.

Looking for SEO Course in Dubai or Online?

There are many SEO Course providers in Dubai. The advantage that you will have is getting trained by a SEO Dubai reputable company like SCP. We look forward to teach you or your company.


SEO Career FAQ’s Common asking questions and answers.

For beginners and freshers to SEO, they’re no prerequisites. It is preferable to know some HTML and basic design. Advanced SEO Module need the Basic SEO Module as a prerequisite. This required only for companies and bigger groups.

This course goes beyond mere SEO basics to provide students with years of corporate SEO experience and techniques. Students will learn how to attain top rankings for websites in Google Organic Search, as well as strategies and secrets for achieving 1st-page positions for clients. This course is about more than just the basics of SEO knowledge. We provide our years of SEO experience and special techniques used in the corporate market. You will be able to understand the concepts of SEO in Dubai, which will help you attain top rankings for your website on Google’s organic search. We will also teach you strategies and secrets which help us get 1st-page positions for our clients. The structure of the Google search engine, the algorithms it uses, and the rules of search engine optimization are all important factors in creating a successful website. A Google Analytics account can help you track your website’s progress and performance and adding filters to remove internal traffic is an important step in configuring goal tracking. Finally, adding your website to Google Webmaster and targeting the SEO region are both important factors in manual actions and links.

Some heavy set SEO Skills is required in order to get a job in Dubai. If you Learn SEO you many Land a Job Most new grads and freshers need a solid SEO Course if they want to land a job. Our Search Engine Optimization Course is a stepping stone to Digital Marketing Our SEO Training  may help you land an SEO Position Positions you may get

  1. SEO Specialist
  2. SEO Manager
  3. Digital Marketing Manager

We advice you to look at where they have many SEO Jobs and Digital Marketing Jobs as well.

A website is vital but useless if a search engine can’t find it to pull up during a customer’s search. SEO is also important because it will determine your website’s visibility when potential customers search the web for the first time.Having knowledge of which factors to focus on to improve your SEO ranking is essential for the success of your website. SCP provides SEO Training Courses in Egypt and throughout the MENA region in either Arabic or English. Arabic SEO is a specialty of ours at SCP, and we can help your company learn SEO for the Middle East. Free Courses offer just the basics.Many website offer free seo training courses, these courses are good for only folks looking for seo basics. It will give you a holistic idea about search engine optimization, but that’s about it. If you want your website to become on of the top website in google search engine page results know as SERPS, then a basic free seo course will not going to help you. Our seo course is taught by real seo experts that held important SEO roles in the past such as SEO Directors and senior seo consultants in fortune 500 companies. Even though, free SEO courses are convenient and free, however they will no yield any results.

Search engine optimization has many core tasks such as keyword research our seo course program teaches you the fundamentals of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. You also familiarize yourself with the best professional practices of client onboarding for a freelance career in SEO. Eight weeks of a paid internship, practical assignments, weekly assessments, and complete placement assistance are other attractions of this course program by ClixPlus Skills. Going beyond seo basics that free seo courses offer, our course takes your search engine optimization skills to whole new level. Most of our Advanced seo courses include next level seo strategy making you a real google seo pro.

Organic Search, also known as Natural Search, is typically the main source of website traffic that doesn’t require payment. Through implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, not only does it enhance trust and credibility for your website, but it also leads to generating quality leads.

SEO enables you to comprehend your client’s needs and provides insights into the demand for your products or services in specific geographical areas. The result of optimized SEO is increased engagement, traffic, and conversions, effectively transforming your website into a 24/7 sales team.

SEO is cost-effective for businesses in Dubai and provides a high return on investment for marketing efforts. The results of SEO can be easily measured and analyzed through regular reporting on website performance, conversions, and other critical data. Our team of web analytics experts can provide daily reports if necessary.

Through high-quality SEO, new opportunities can be discovered and leveraged to not only increase visibility but to shine above the competition.

In this module, you will take your basic seo knowledge to the next level. You will learn advanced schema building and learn how to deploy structured data, you will learn advanced markup in this seo course. This module will also teach advanced link building strategies and what it takes to bring authority, all of which can help your web rank better in search engine page results. Not all seo courses offer basic HTML training, our search engine optimization advanced module provides basic HTML editing as part of technical SEO. Optimized content which is an integral part of SEO. Our SEO training goes beyond SEO fundamentals, as we will teach how to optimize your content for search engines.

SEO Course Online : 3970 AED

SEO Course In-Person:  7900 AED

Corporate : Please Call

Course Duration : 5 Business Days

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