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Arabic SEO : It takes one to know one

SCP is premiere SEO Company in Dubai that provides niched SEO for website worldwide. We are born and raised in the Middle East, we speak Arabic fluently, so our Arabic SEO Experts. SCP understand that doing business in the Middle East and GCC Countries like Saudi Arabia , Egypt , UAE and other Arab Nations requires and expert Arab speaking experts. Our services does include Arabic Content Writing , Arabic Content Marketing. We even design websites in Arabic. Social Media Account management and PPC Ads all in the Arabic Language. 

سيو عربي

SEO for Arabic Websites

Many international companies are moving to the UAE and now to Saudi Arabia ( the future). Most of these companies have their websites in English. At this point, the websites in English may not capture a big portion of the market as they are not localized for the Arabic Language. At SCP we are able to add Arabic to your website, not only are we an Arabic Content specialists but also offer SEO Arabic services, Paid Ads or even website design. 

Arabic Speakers

Only Arabic Speakers are allowed to generate and write Arabic Content. They know how to connect with the Middle East. 

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Hand Written

With the rise of automatic translations, AI content writing services and one click translation services, the content quality drops. We simply hand write our content

arabic seo
Culture Experts

When writing content for your website, blog or even online store we put culture into the mix. Arabic is not only a language it is a culture.

Arabic Marketing Consulting

Will will Guide you

Out Arabic Marketing experts will provide guidance for your company. We understand how tough it is to enter a new market.

Arabic Website Design

We work with Arabic Website designers and developers . We will oversee your project and manage it on your behalf.

Paid Ads and Social Media

SCP will also manage your PPC Ads on your behalf. We also built Social Media Pages and groups in Arabic using the Social Media Platform of your choice such as Facebook & Instagram , TikTok influencer marketing. We have network on YouTube and TT

Lost in Arabic Marketing?

Arabic Marketing is our Forte, our Arabi SEO’s are ready to take your website and put on top results in the Middle East and GCC Countries. it’s time to dive into the Potential of Arabic Marketing: Connecting with a Growing and Tech-Savvy Arabic-Speaking Audience. We would like to invite you to a Free Consultation session with an Arabic  SEO Marketing specialist.


Arabic Marketing and SEO FAQ's

Any domain will work as long as it’s not offensive. Generallry Maximizing Your Arabic SEO Potential with the Perfect Arabic Domain Name like .AE or .SA or .EG all these domains can help your website perform better in thier respective countries. Where .sa is Saudi Arabia , .ae for the U.A.E and .eg for Egypt. All can give you an edge over other TLD ( Top Level Domains ) like .Com , .NET and .Org or the new .CO or Live , .info and .Shop 

Optimizing Your Multilingual Content with the hreflang Attribute: Guiding Google to the Right Language for Your Visitors

The numbers says so.

Digital marketing in Arabic is highly important as it provides businesses with an opportunity to reach a large and growing audience of Arabic-speaking internet users. With over 186 million native Arabic speakers accessing the internet, the potential for reaching customers in this language is significant. Additionally, research has shown that 9 out of 10 users prefer to read content in their native language, making it crucial for businesses to consider the importance of digital marketing in Arabic.

Furthermore, localized your content for Arabic tends to drive more traffic and engagement from the Middle East or even users around the world that seek Arabic Content, and with fewer than 1% of webpages being displayed in Arabic, there is significant room for growth in this market. As a result, digital marketing in Arabic is a valuable opportunity for businesses to increase their visibility and reach, making it an important aspect of overall digital marketing strategy.

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