How to Drive more traffic to your website?

10 Things to Do to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Back in the days word of mouth marketing was efficient and Brough tons of walking traffic to brick and mortar stores. Now, online marketing is almost the only way that people can market their business. The question that almost every website owner asks : How can I bring more traffic to my website?

Marketing your website to increase page traffic is always important for successful business. We’ve created a list of a few key things to focus on to drive more customers to your site!


Focus on your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a key component to increase a website’s visibility in search engines. SEO focuses on improving the content of your website to match up with a potential customer’s search term and category. Using target keywords in the content of your site, URLs, article titles, and picture captions will help boost your SEO score.

Create Backlinks

When a website links to any other site, it’s called a backlink. Backlinks will show Google and other search engines that a website is “trusted”. So typically, if you increase the number of page backlinks, then it will increase your organic search ranking. Building backlinks can include: posting on discussion sites, answering questions on blogs and having reviews from outside websites.

Guest Post 

will drive tons of traffic to your website. Guest posting has been a known back linking strategy ever since SEO started. Unleash the power of content marketing getting backlinks from guest posts. this is part of your off page seo strategies seo experts follow. 

Add a Guest Blog or “ Write for us” section

At some point your website will rank in search engines. At this point, you would want to add a Write for us section in your website. Online talents looking to drive traffic to their blog or website will find you and will ask you if they can add a guest post on your website.

Guest posting is one of the most powerful strategies that can drive more traffic to your website

EG SEO Expert

Long tail keywords will drive even more traffic to your website

Adding a mix of long tail keywords and short tail keywords will diversity your traffic

Other ways you can drive even more traffic to your site 

Review your Website Design

The online marketplace is highly competitive, so it’s important for your website and business to stand out to the user. Modern and functional websites will keep people on the page longer with an easy to follow page to guide them to what they are looking for. 

  1. Focus on Mobility- Friendly Design and Enhancements :Almost now mobile devices generated approximately 60% of global website traffic! You could use an online resource to run your site through a mobile-friendly test to see how easily an online user can use your page when accessing it from a phone. If it makes sense for your business venture, you may want to consider if investing in building an app is beneficial.
  2. Google Core Vitals : Read about Google Core Vitals here. This is basically a combination of speed, accecablity and how fast your content loads, we mean how long until your website is loaded 100%
  3. UX is super important : is your website user friendly? does it confuse your visitors? Just critique your own website

Your Social Media efforts will drive tons of traffic to your website

Take our word for it. Most social media followers end their journey with your website somehow.
A great way to help increase viewers to your website is to create social media 

content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn. Any new content 

or products can be easily published on your social media platforms which will 

Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

An inexpensive way to drive website traffic is to ask customers to leave a review. People are influenced by peers when they can see reliable facts and experiences written about your business. Generally, you will want to make it as simple as possible for customers to leave reviews across the platforms you have a presence on. Collecting reviews will not only help drive more users to your website, but it will also help boost your Google ranking. 

In a hurry to get traffic to your website? Run some Ads then

Targeted ads can reach specific target customers and can lead to an increase in website traffic and sales. If your company has the financial capabilities to spend on advertising, then it can create brand awareness and exposure to your product, service, or cause. Advertising for your business should include strategic consideration to your ad design, company branding, and market strategy.

  • Create Valuable Content
    The best way to drive traffic to your site is by providing unique and useful content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet (except when it’s been stolen from you by someone else). Producing unique content and becoming an expert go hand in hand. Try to approach your content from an angle that hasn’t been tried before. If your website has older content, try to update some of that content to refresh it and make it more relevant. Creating valuable content will also generate more traffic and you will find more people share your content. 
  • Update Content Regularly ( Keep it fresh and not stale content)
    Your website should be the ultimate destination for any type of content related to your business niche. This shows any user that comes to your page that you are an industry expert. Writing and producing interesting content can include writing blogs, frequently asked question pages, newsletters, explainer videos, etc. When releasing new content to your customers, it’s also important to consider the timing of your new post or publication to maximize exposure and click through.
  • utilize email marketing platforms 
    email marketing tools such as mailshimp and constant contact can bring your website more traffic. Adding a link that goes to your website is a great way to promote your business. Remember to take advantage of Google Analytics platform in order to analyze the traffic.


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