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We offer extensive digital marketing training courses developed by expert trainers who have years of experience in the industry. Our trainers are skilled and well informed in the field of digital marketing and up to date with trends. They use real world projects and virtual simulations to teach you the most successful way to become a digital marketing expert.

Is a digital marketing background needed?

You do not need to have a background in digital marketing. The courses will focus mainly on the commercial aspects needed to have a successful marketing campaign. We have students from all different kind of backgrounds who all want to increase their know-how. Students working in marketing who want to learn more about online marketing. Sales executives who want to learn more about lead generation. Different types of business owners, from le traders to CEO’s of large companies. As a business owner it can only be beneficial to know how to implement digital marketing on the right channels and make the right strategic decisions.
What will a digital marketing agency do for you?

Digital Training courses offered

Digital marketing training

By using digital platforms and channels in the right way a company can promote their product or service and generate sales. In digital marketing different tactics are implemented to analyze, monitor, and grow organic traffic which will lead to sales. Using the right tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), content marketing and others will create a successful digital marketing strategy. A campaign will be unique for every business, an Ecommerce company will have different needs then an accountancy.

Knowing how to use the digital tools available is key for a successful digital marketing expert, and this is what we will teach you. Your background is not important as long as you understand who your customer is. With digital marketing you need to attract your customer to buy your product or service. Learning how to analyze the customers behavior, and what will engage them with your website is part of the process. Digital marketing is long term more cost effective than the traditional marketing plans, and you can monitor and analyze on the go. Giving you the opportunity to adjust your strategy where needed in real time keeping costs low. More and more businesses are preferring digital media campaigns over the traditional marketing. Our sister Digital Marketing Training Experts are ready to travel to your location.

Why would I choose a digital marketing course?

Whatever your position is, a CEO, a marketing consultant or a complete novice looking to change your career, we can provide you with a program that will fit your needs. Intensive but incremental learning guaranteeing that you will progress steady and become knowledgeable in the field.
digital marketing training courses
Marketing Courses in Digital Marketing

SEO Training is part of Digital Training

What will I learn?

Digital marketing is an umbrella for many disciplines, and it is a field for which there is a huge demand. Digital marketing experts who have the right know-how are extremely valuable for businesses. We use only expert trainers who have worked in the field with success for many years and can teach you all about the different aspects of digital marketing. Learning how to plan, monitor and analyze implemented multi-channel campaigns will help you create successful digital marketing campaigns for your company. From social media planning to web analytics, you will learn it all.

Online Marketing Training courses

SEO Training

A website is great, but completely useless if a search engine cannot find it. This is where Search engine optimization comes in. Your potential customers are searching the web to find their desired product or service, and SEO can help your website to be found by them. Search engines like Google use search engine indexing software, where they scan the web to find and index your site. Your site will get a ranking based on multiple factors. The higher the ranking, the higher up in the search engine your website will appear. Knowing which factors to work on will be defining for the success of your website.
Learn the fundamentals of SEO keyword research and SEO content planning to attract organic traffic to your website.
This course is for anyone who has a website and wants to grow in organically. From blog owners to Ecommerce websites. We also have many students who develop websites for others and want to learn how to offer a more professional service.

Digital Transformation Training Course

Simply put digital transformation is the implementation of digital technology into your business. Whereby you create a completely different business model how to operate and offer value to your clients. It is changing a business from traditional to digital in an innovative way creating ways of monitoring and adjusting on automation.
In the course you will receive in depth understanding about digital transformation. You will learn to plan and create a digital transformation strategy for your business. And you will learn to identify pitfalls that often arise in the process working together with stakeholders.

Learning how to become a digital leader.

75 % off efforts of companies transforming their companies to digital fails, learn how to recognize and avoid this. Become a leading digital transformation expert, becoming able to communicate a strategic plan. You will be able to help your company understand what needs to be done in order to integrate the right tools for a digital transformation.
By learning this you can establish a framework that can always help you to build the right plan for any company. You will learn to understand and communicate digital culture and be able to lead your company into a successful digital campaign.
This course is mainly for senior managers and executives who must develop, lead and/ or communicate a strategic team into the digital transformation.

B2B Lead Generation Training

B2B (Business to Business) is nothing else then analyzing and finding your ideal customer and attracting then to your website to buy your product or service. Creating an attractive website with the right information, the right visuals, and linked to the right channels.

It contains many areas of expertise where one should have the knowledge about. How to find your customer? Key word research to google analysis. How to attract them? Content marketing, PPC, SEO and so on. One needs more than just an attractive landing page, but if you know how to utilize the different tools to generate leads, you can become a successful website.
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Digital Marketing Training & SEO Training Courses

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