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Web Conversions, what does this mean?

The goal of a digital marketing campaign is to create conversions from a visitor on your website into a buyer of your products. This can be completed through different actions like leaving an email address on your website, downloading information, subscribing and more. Depending on your business model you can have more than one conversion objective.

conversion rate optimization

Conversions for your website or E-Commerce Store

Ecommerce conversions
With Great Outcomes?

For Ecommerce businesses there are often more conversion outcomes wanted. All with the aim to keep the customer engaged with your business and place an order. Conversion is extremely important for any Ecommerce business as it has a big part to play in the performance of your store. It will increase the ROI and give a higher domain authority. This shows that customers have a high trust factor in your business, valuing the information that they can find on your website.
Different Ecommerce marketing strategies will be put in place to convert customers.
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Lead Generation Services

High Output Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

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Once visitors come into your website, marketing strategies are implemented to convert the traffic into customers, aka leads. It is the conversion of an unknown visitor into a lead who you can contact for a follow up. But to do so first the traffic needs to be increased. The more leads, the higher the conversion rate.

There are a few proven methods that work to get a high conversion rate, and which Hubac a high output Conversion Rate Optimization Agency can help you with.

Writing Content for your website brings traffic

Writing great content

Based on keyword research, we can write qualitative high-ranking content which are sharable and likeable for potential customers. Like this you can get referrals, other people and websites sharing your content.

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SEO Services خدمات السيو للمواقع

search engine optimization is the answer

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Making sure that the technical backend of your website is up to level, will ensure that your website can be found in search engines. This will also ensure a smooth experience for the visitor, like a fast-loading time, and no errors.

There are many types of Digital Marketing Services

Different types of Digital marketing

Social media marketing and email marketing are a great way to increase a conversion rate. With a vast range of platforms to use, and automation available, it has a huge potential to increase revenue.
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Digital Marketing Agency Experts

CRO done visiting your website : just like Seo

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

This is a method to convert the percentage of visitors into customers. At Hubac we have an experienced team who know how to create the process of optimizing your website to generate more conversions. We know how to grab the attention and increase sales.

One of the biggest benefits, is of course to increase sales. It is such a delicate process that even very small incremental changes in the process can make an incredible difference. Funneling traffic into a desired outcome is what we provide at Hubac, imagine first increasing traffic, then gaining contact and information and finally receiving a sale.

CRO is a big part of any digital marketing strategy by making it more efficient and all-inclusive through the traffic to your website. At Hubac on of the daily tasks we have is analyzing the real time data of your website and then make changes accordingly to increase the conversion rate.

How to Calculate a Web Conversion?

Calculating conversion rates

To calculate your conversion rates, you must set up your back end accordingly. And you need to have consistent traffic. Therefore, the first step in any digital marketing campaign would be to acquire more traffic before moving on to the next stage. When all is working correctly and you have the right conversion tracking data, you can easily divide the number of conversions by the total number of visitors to your website.


2000 website visitors

———————– = 5 % conversion rate

100 conversions

Analysis and monitoring your website data are extremely important for the long-term results of your online business. Knowing your conversion rate gives you insight in the growth of your business and you can see what actions can influence it. You can forecast and plan better and increase your ROI.
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What is the Difference?


Both are set in place to improve the overall results of your website, but CRO refers only to the conversion rate. Both work hand in hand but SEO can be for a multitude of outcomes, including the improvement of your CRO. With SEO you create the ads, drive the traffic, and engage with the audience. The CRO is the final clicks that the ad receives and if the clicks lead to people visiting your website or clicking away.

If you create an ad and place this on Facebook, you will spend money on keyword research, content and placing the ad. It will run for a certain amount of time, and if you then can monitor that no visitor even clicked on it, you will need CRO. You will need to optimize the ad, the landing page or even the image. This all is CRO. SEO is for any website and CRO is for paid advertisement.

Benefits of Hiring a CRO Expert

Why do I need a CRO expert?

You can invest a lot of money creating ads, writing the content, creating funnels, but none will work if you do not receive any lead from it. Paid advertisement is a must in a digital marketing campaign but without tracking and optimizing it is completely worthless. A CRO expert will track your ads and make changes where needed. It will reduce the costs substantially, you will learn why what works, and what does not. Is valuable beyond measure.
What does a CRO expert look at to measure the conversion rate? In real time we will monitor and analyze:
How long before a visitor leaves your site? Is the content to long? Is the video not clear? Is your landing page not loading fast enough?
We all do this, we fill up a cart, and never check out. You can monitor how often this happens and with which items. This will give you insights why this might be happening.
A bounce rate is the number of visitors that visit one page and then leave the website. This shows that the traffic might be looking for something different and that your keywords might not be updated correctly.
How many leads is your website receiving? What are the sources that they come from? Referrals, Google etc.?
How many of your visitors are first timer’s vs returning customers?
Knowing which pages are receiving more traffic can teach you a great deal how to be more successful as a website.
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Your CRO Experts

CRO Expert at Hubac

We can analyze your ad campaigns and give you a complete report how to improve your conversions. By looking at the quality of the ads, the usage of keywords, and your source of traffic we can exactly see why you are not getting the desired leads.

Just think of it like this:

The better the CRO -> The higher the number of leads -> long term less time spent by CRO experts.

Often businesses are chasing the ads and trying to understand what does and does not work. It can be extremely demotivating to learn to understand the science of ads. Especially if you have a million other things to do. At Hubac we only work with specialists in their field who know how to handle your account. Like this every penny spend on ads will be converted into profit, and that is why you need a CRO expert for your business. Call us now to get a free diagnostic and improve the conversion of your website.

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