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SCP offers Website / Blog content writing services in Egypt and the Middle East. We write content in Arabic and English. All our content is optimized for search engines.

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Hand Written Content : NO Machines here

100 % unique content

We will only provide you with unique content which will be proofed twice by us and 100 % free of plagiarism. Our team consists only of passionate copywrites who know how important original content is and the use of the right SEO strategies.

We use Copyscape ensuring that all content will be 100 % unique and cannot be declined online. In addition, a big part of Content Optimized for Search Engines is the usage of SEO, something our content writers are very experienced in. Using the right keywords and tags will ensure to drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

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Our Content Writers are actually experts

Experienced team copywriters ClixPlus

We use experienced content writers from all over the United States and Canada who all are experts in the field. They know how to grab the attention of your audience and they will have experience in your niche. When choosing Hubac we will assign you your own personal copywriter who knows your industry and can translate your product or service into compelling and attractive copy.

One of the things to gain a high ranking in Google with content is frequently updating existing work. Google loves this. The right content strategy will consist of both fresh and updated content which your copywriter will recommend to you.

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Languages Copywriters

At Hubac we have can supply you with English, and Arabic copywrites. As many businesses are expanding into the Middle east, we received more requests for Arabic content and therefore have a team of Arabic content writers. We have helped many companies expand over the years into the Middle East: Dubai, UAE, and other countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Every language has its unique way of expressing and our Arabic Content Creators are highly skilled as journalists, bloggers, content writers and more.

Experts how to translate all content for a local audience is what you will find at Hubac. Whatever you need, press releases, or long forms of content, we can supply this in both English and Arabic. You can send us content in English, and we will happily translate this into Arabic. This can help your company to expand into the regions of the middle east and grow exponential.

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More Traffic to Your Blog then to your website

Blog Writing

Blogs are a very powerful tool to drive more traffic to your website and help you increase your domain authority. Through this you can attract more leads and gain more revenue. Our content writers are highly skilled and will first conduct intensive research to gain more understanding about your business, your competitors, and the right set of keywords before writing a blog post. If you need blog posts to increase the traffic to your website, then Hubac is the answer. When choosing Hubac you are guaranteed of frequently added fresh, and unique SEO content attracting more leads to your website and increasing the ranking of your domain. Our Content writers know how to create attractive content for the audience to engage with.

Many agencies will want you to buy more services next to blog writing, making it harder for small businesses to do so. At Hubac we offer you the opportunity to order a single or more blog posts, making it easy for you as a business.

Through blog posts you can update websites easily, refreshing its existing content. It is an attractive and fun way to keep your customers up to date with the progress of your business, products, and services. If the posts are written with high quality keywords and well researched content, it will attract the right traffic to your website. In addition, blog posts can be shared on social media by your audience making it a great free marketing tool, driving more traffic to your website.

Optimizing your content for search engines.

Content optimization

Without intensive keyword research any content will get lost online. Using specific single words or phrases which relate to your business will help your targeted customer to find your website. When your audience conducts a search in the search engine with your keywords, you will be highly ranked in Google, and they will clink on your links.

Our Content team will research your keywords, and then create the content for your website or email campaigns, ensuring a boost in traffic. We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers to proof that our methods work long term. Visit our sister company Content Lobby for quality content writing services for your website.

We also recommend this great content marketing toolkit from SEMRUSH
Content Marketing Toolkit


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We write by the book

Flesch reading ease score

To keep your audience engaged with your content it must have a correct readability score. What this means is that it must be easy to read for your audience. The Flesch reading ease score is a tool that will calculate the grade level that is required from your audience to be able to read the content. It works for English only at this stage, based on the English language structure it will provide an accurate result based on a multitude of factors. The length of the sentences is a factor, or the length of the words. Based on your niche, your business there will be a different requirement of the Flesch reading ease score. A lawyer’s firm will need different type of structure then a chocolate shop, based on the audience looking for information.

Quality Content = Better Ranking

ClixPlus guarantees higher ranking

No one is sure what the algorithm is which determines SEO ranking in Google as this changes frequently. Unfortunately, Google is also not as transparent as one would like, but we do know that the readability score of your content is extremely important. Just think of it in easy terms. If your article is too hard to read, your audience will click away. Maybe to your competitor.
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We will keep them on your page

Content and the 8 Second Rule

If you speak with our content team, they will inform you that the average concentration span of a reader is not more than seconds. That is extremely short, and only in those short 8 seconds will you have the chance to grab the audience’s attention. This goes for any way of offering content, text, or video. When the audience clicks away, we call it bounce rate. Thankfully, we can analyze and monitor the behavior of your audience ensuring that you will maintain a low bounce rate.
Creating long, in depth blog posts with valuable information will only be highly successful if the layout is correct, if there are the right amount of title breaks, images, and the text is easily readable. At ClixPlus we can supply you with the right content, uniquely created to increase traffic to your website and in the long run create a higher ROI.

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