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B2B stands for Business to Business. Also known as lead generation services in egypt. It is the term for a business who offers a product or service to another business. A B2B company could be anything, from an automobile manufacturing to Amazon business. To conduct a B2B digital marketing campaign, multiple strategies will be set in place to help you market your product to the right customer online.

Doing extensive research to find your potential customer will help you chose the right categories within your brand for which you can pay in advertisement. This will help you narrow down the right segments for promotion.

b2b digital marketing services

B2B Lead Generation Services

Lead generation for B2B marketing

Lead generation is a term used to explain the process of getting the interest of a customer, how to lead them to your website. There are different kind of leads, not all have the end goal of a sale. One of the most used leads could be to build a list of emails, with the aim of sending out newsletters and promotions to a database of potential customers. These can then become sales leads, buying customers paying for your product or service.

On an average this kind of marketing is done by paid advertisements. Acquiring customers to leave their email address behind through Facebook adds is a perfect example of this. But there are also free sources that can contribute as organic search engine results. Loyalty programs or e-mail list building are one of the many purposes for lead generation campaigns. Hubac Digital also offers Salesforce Integration Services for websites and ecommerce websites in order to link leads, orders into salesforce directly.

Lead Generation Services

Business leads

Different types of leads

There is a multitude of different types of leads that you can acquire because through a Digital Marketing campaign. It is good to understand the difference between these and think ahead which types of leads you need for your company currently. In addition to understand which Lead will have a greater probability in becoming a paid customer can bring fast paced success to your campaign.

Leads can be differentiated into different types. MQL’s, PQL’s and SQL’s.

Lead Generation

MQL Lead

MQL Marketing Qualified leads

As the name already gives it away, these are leads coming out of marketing efforts. These are leads who have intentionally engaged with your brand, they have left their email address or phone number behind, they have added items to a cart, downloaded the information that you provided and have often visited your website more than once.

pql Lead

PQL Product Qualified Leads

Where a MQL will sign up and in that act become an MQL, a PQL is a lead who already has experienced merit of your product or service. This comes in the form of free give away after which they will show interest in your products or services. Think of a potential customer contacting your sales team for information, or someone who signed up for a free trial.
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b2b digital marketing services

SQL Lead

SQL Sales Qualified Leads

As the name already gives away, these are leads that are really interested in your product or service and will often come in as a quotation request. They have an active interest in your product or service and will likely become a buying customer.

Lead Generation Channels

Methods to attract leads


An average customer spends hours per week on all the different social media platforms, making it a great opportunity for companies to generate leads from. Business will have their own pages on platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Linked in for a different variety of reasons. One can market their products or find amazing new staff. All can be done through the different platforms. Selecting an SEO Service from Clixplus can help your website visibility in Search Engines.


Some believe that with the rise of social media, email marketing has diminished in value, but nothing is less true. It is an extremely powerful tool to gain direct contact with your customer and gain valuable insights. Through email marketing you can create custom made, automated campaign, creating awareness for your product or service on a more personal level.

Email marketing should play a big part in your marketing strategy to gain direct contact and build valuable relationships with your customer, humanize your brand, and keep the customer engaged to return to your business.

At Hubac we recommend Mailchimp for the utilization of your email marketing. What once started as a simple email tool, is growing into a fill grown marketing solution.

Another great tool for your email marketing is Constant contact. This is designed especially for smaller businesses. You can easily create campaigns, automate them, and follow up.


A part of any marketing campaign is the use of paid adds. Whether that is in Facebook or another social media platform, Google Adwords, or any digital platform it will always be part of the strategy. Understanding the costs and terminology as PPC (Pay Per Click) can be extremely beneficial to create a successful paid campaign.


Different types of PPC ads

There are many different types of PPC ads, but a few are the most important and will be used in almost every campaign.

Engine Marketing

This is one of the most used PPC advertisement method used in a marketing strategy. Using keyword research and then bidding on keywords that will get your business high in ranking in Google or Bing. It will be a text add written by you, and the beauty is that you will only be charged when people click on the add.

Social Media

One of the attractive qualities of social media is that it is for free, but in any digital marketing campaign, one will target customers through paid ads in social media. Using the qualities of social media one can target the right customers based on factors as sex, age, demographics, and interests. Incredible valuable if you know who your customer is and can also be used as part of market research to find the right customer.


Adding visual adds on different website is called display ads. Think of pop ups or banners on a third-party website. Videos are extremely popular, and there is the option for text ads, which will be added to the most relevant content on the website.

PPC advertising

This is a way of showing ads to the audience based on their cookies, their visiting history. I am sure you would have ever experienced googling a certain product or service and then suddenly receiving the same kind of ads in your feed on social media? That is how Retargeting PPC advertisement works.

Retargeting with
Social Media

When you learn that of all your first-time visitors on your website, only around 4 % will convert to a paying customer, you will understand the importance of targeting the 96 % on their first visit. This can be done through social media retargeting. In easy words, you have 96 % which are window shoppers, and you can use social media to convert them. Customers spend more time then ever on social media (a minimum of two hours a day) making it the perfect platform to engage with audience who already has showed some interest.

Marketing stategies

Which strategies do
do we use for B2B Digital Marketing?

One of the most important things you first need to do before setting out any Digital Campaign, is defining your customer. Who is buying your product or service, what is their problem for which they need your solution? Where do they live, what are their interests, and so on. The more information you have, the better you can custom make your B2B digital marketing strategy.

If you want to have the audience engage with your digital presence you must make sure that your website and social media platforms will provide what the audience seeks. It must be engaging, informative, and it needs to be found online. Through website optimization and off page SEO you can ensure this for your website.

As you can see PPC advertising can help you gain more leads to your website and create a larger awareness of your business. At ClixPlus we recommend using PPC advertisement to create brand awareness and a strong digital presence for your product or service.

Digital Marketing for Business to business
Paid Ads Services B2B

Your Ads ROI

ROI from
Paid Ads

Getting results is what it is all about, without the desired results this can be incredible cost ineffective and decrease your return on investment.

By using the data from your potential customer that you have gained through research and by using the data through the content (in whatever chosen way) will help the customer relate. Someone who has never heard of your product or service will not find you based on keywords without research. But by knowing the locations they are looking for, and more important the features and benefits of your product or service, you can create powerful content. Which will attract more leads.

Marketing Automation

B2B Digital
Marketing Tools

When using so many platforms and techniques to market a business it is understandable that a part will be automated. And this is the brilliance of today’s digital marketing. A business can use marketing automation to target their desired audience across many different platforms where everything is sent automatic.

You set the instructions (timing, frequency, and others) and then adjust where needed. It is a great way of maximizing the efficiency of the campaign and to increase ROI. This will help generate leads, and be valuable in maintaining monitoring, analyzing data for future campaigns, and to adjust where needed, in real time. When your business starts to scale up you can have 20 or more campaigns being active simultaneous. Without automation you would have to hire more people to keep track of every aspect, creating more costs.

Marketing Automation SERVICES

Business Marketing Automation

Why should you
use Marketing Automation?

With all the different platforms and ways of marketing available one would be mad not to use marketing automation. If a business wants to keep control without automation, human errors are bound to happen. Plus, you will lose a lot of time that can be used for other top priorities in your business.

It is easy and efficient. You just create a campaign with all desired functions, and it will all be automated. Every email, follow up email, pop up, post, video and more. By automating efficiently, you can identify your audience and create custom created content attracting the desired customer. It will save you time and costs and thus increase your return on investment, growing your business.

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B2B Digital
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When choosing Hubac as your marketing agency you can be guaranteed of strategic digital marketing plans, custom made for businesses who are focused on attracting different types of leads and converting these into paying customers. Hubac Digital also offers other services such as SEO Training , CMS Websites and Shopify Ecommerce deployment. 

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