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SEO Dubai SEOCompanyPro hands-down capable Internet Marketing agency specialized in Search Engine Optimization SEO Services and we are located in the UAE. We also provide eCommerce Website Design and customization, CMS Website design, SEO Courses and many other Digital Marketing Services. We service Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the emirate of Ajman. Our services extend beyond Dubai and the UAE, we offer Arabic SEO in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Egypt and the rest of the middle east. Our company was founded in the United States in 2009, we started with few clients in North America and now we service SEO campaigns in 30 nations including the United Arab Emirates. SEOCompanyPro offers affordable SEO pricing packages for Local SEO Services as well as Free SEO Consultation.

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Get Search Engines Results
By hiring the right SEO Agency in Dubai

Lead Quality Guarantee.

Getting Top Positions in search engines needs a solid
SEO search engine optimization experts

Getting the right positions in Search Engines requires an expert agency. Not only your website will need on-page and off-page SEO Company but you need the real SEO Dubai company that knows the UAE and GCC market. Have SEOCompanyPro perform Search Engine Optimization for you.

  • We will carefully examine your online competitors
  • We will perform an SEO audit for your website
  • We will create a top notch marketing strategy for your business

What is SEO?

SEO is short for  Search Engine Optimization, it is about making your website appear in Search Engine Page results served by search engines. This task is performed by SEO optimizers also know as SEO Specialists in which they make adjustments to your website in order to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Websites need to be SEO Friendly and also fast to load in order to gain an edge over other websites. Search Engine Optimization consists of 5 major parts.

  • Keyword Research
  • Unique helpful Content
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Page structure
  • Link Building or Authority

what's seo
what is seo
Website visibilty motivated by a solid SEO strategy

As a reputable SEO Agency in Dubai, we provide full range of online marketing services. Your Products or services must be present in a website, in addition to having online presence. hiring us as an SEO Company in Dubai will insure that your target audience are reached using organic traffic methods in addition to an effective content marketing strategy. In order to get top search engine results, our SEO experts will perform the following optimization services. Most SEO Companies provide affordable seo services, however they offer off page seo strategies that can lead to lower SEO ranking. SCP on of the best Search Engine Optimization SEO with one goal on our mind which is quality sales leads from major search engines. If you are looking for SEO Dubai or Best SEO Company in Dubai, you have the answer. Holistic approach to Digital Marketing efforts that most seo agencies ignore which is listening to our customers needs.






Why choose our Dubai SEO Agency?
Our business was started fifteen years ago and has always offered the best services to our customers. Our SEO professionals in Dubai do NOT employ any type of SEO methods which Google has banned. Regardless of the method used in the investigation, we follow this guide. Our focus not only aims at ranking sites but also believes in improving user experiences. Moreover, we keep an eye on technological developments to integrate these into our strategy for future development. The number of voice searches and the use of smartphone applications has increased rapidly since 2020. So, the longtail keywords are included in our SEO strategy.

Rank higher on search engines with our SEO Services in Dubai

Search engine optimization helps increase website visibility and traffic. Our website will help you improve rankings for your site, increase sales and improve business growth. If you need SEO services for UAE you can contact us. We have a professional marketing team ready to assist with all aspects of your marketing campaign. We will be there when your needs arise. Our service offerings include link building, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing and much more!

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Starter SEO Package

Made for new established business that needs to get started. Best for small business and freelancers.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • On Page SEO
  • OFF Page SEO
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • 100 Keyphrases
  • 30 Blog Posts
  • Local SEO & Google Maps
  • Free Logo
  • Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

AED 3999

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Growth SEO Package

Starter SEO Package + CRM & Lead Quality Monitoring and more. Best for established business and active companies

  • Lead Quality Monitoring
  • Weekly SEO Audit
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Advanced Link Building
  • Basic CRM
  • Lead Capture System
  • 150 Keywords
  • 50 Blog posts
  • Free 2 Minutes Video
  • Weekly SEO Report
  • Advanced Local SEO

AED 5999

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Premium SEO Package

Starter + Growth+ More geared towards active small business or high traffic websites midsize to a small corporation

  • Advanced CRM Deployment
  • 30 Page Website
  • Advanced Schema
  • Lead Capture
  • 10 Ad Designs Per Month
  • 200 Keywords Monitored
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


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*SEO Pricing is on monthly basis. All our SEO Pricing packages are based on 4 to 6 months commitment. Results are only guaranteed after 4 months. Some website may achieve results faster than others. Many factors including content, dwell time and others will be discussed with our SEO Manager.


  • 1.

    We will suggest creating a captivating Facebook page or building an impressive website

    It all depends on the kind of business that you have. Some business must have a website, others can stick to Social Media like Facebook or Instagram. We will point you to the right direction.

  • 2.

    We will look at your SEO and recommend the right SEO Services that inspire and make the most of your business

    Many times we see Search Engine Optimization work that was performed by nonprofessionals. Our goal as a professional SEO Agency is enhance your website visibility in Search Engines. We will achieve a deep SEO Audit in order to find the correct SEO Service that your business needs using Local SEO or Regional SEO...even Arabic SEO if needed.
  • 3.

    We will advise you if Paid Advertising is right for your needs

    Paid advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads or even Instagram Advertising can be tempting. Although we believe that paid ads run on the pay-per-click method, this can cost a hefty amount of money. Sometimes websites need to use this practice for a quick lead generation.  SCP will advise you if paid ads would be beneficial for you, as well as alternative solutions.

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  • 1. How much is SEO cost in Dubai?
    for the most park SEO campaign can run in Dubai anywhere around AED 1500 to AED 15,000 a month. Our SEO cost can vary from one website to another. Some website need more work while other don't.
  • 2. When will i get results from SEO?
    On average, you would expect to see results from SEO anywhere between 4 to 6 months. New websites tend to take longer to attain good results.
  • 3. Do you offer SEO in Arabic?
    Indeed, we offer Search Engine Optimization in Arabic as well as English. We hire native Arabic writers that will work on your Arabic Content. Arabic SEO is one of our competitive edges.
  • 4. I want to show on Google Maps like my competitors, do you offer this services?
    Yes, SEOCompany Pro offers Local SEO Services in Dubai and anywhere as well. We can help your business with Google My Business profile and we are able to optimize your profile for " Near me " commands. Voice search SEO is only of our specialties.
  • 5. I don't have a website yet, can you build a website for me?
    We certainly, can build a website for your business. We work with expert website designers all over the UAE and we can take care of it. We will project manage your website using Mobile SEO friendly design.

Our Promise 

Getting Results
All about making your business more money
No Rookies or Amateurs will touch your website
We hire and employ SEO Experts only. No Rookies

Why Hire Us As Your Next SEO Agency?

We have been in the SEO game for 25 years, optimizing new websites and upgrading existing sites. We took websites from Zero to Hero by doing all the right things. Our traffic is real. We will never acquire low quality links or write duplicate content for your site. We define success only by your website quality traffic and solid lead generation.
Media Arts for Development
Mady M
CEO/MD- Egypt
This company was able to seo optimize my site more than other seo providers. We will keep working with them as long as we see the traffic coming.
Air Ar
Judy Wawai
Marketing Manager/ AA
Our SEO had no direction. We did not know what we are doing. The last seo company that we hired never delivered but SCP did.
Baker Hughes
Chris Growley
Digital Strategist/ BH
Terry had kept our website in check, doing his seo magic. We provided him with all the needed tools to shore up our website and he did a good job.
Sameh Ben Jerad
Marketing Team Lead at Pepsico
This provider is what I call cutting edge expert in Social Media and Digital SEO Marketing. They can market your website and show you tangible work
Chisty Bel
Media Buyer / Cargill
This provider is one of the few than is able to perform Search Engine Optimisation service that helped us sell more. I will rehire them
Radwa Moutaz
Media Buyer
Finding the right SEO Agency was a little challenge. We hired many seo companies in Dubai On page seo is part of seo in general many firms charge for it but not this company
Olfat El Kazim
Marketing Dept
They did good online promotions and landing page for us and we are very happy with the outcome.
Olga N
MENA Marketing Director
Appreciate the help and Arabic SEO Efforts, Arabic Content issues was solved by this provider. It's hard to find a seo dubai company that offers Arabic search engine optimization.
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Samia M
Training Specialist
Working with SEOCompanyPro was more than a blessing. They are a qualified SEO Course provider and had trained our member companies.

Our SEO Service Process

  • Introductory Call
  • Analysis Begin
  • Pricing Quotation
As soon as you contact us, we will have an introductory call. An SCP account manager will introduce themselves and will listen to your marketing aspirations.
At this point, our team member will conduct an internal meeting to discuss and brainstorm an effective Digital Marketing Strategy.
Once our team presents an SEO Plan or a holistic Digital Marketing plan, we will notify you with a price quotation and timeline.
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